2nd home that I have entrusted Daniel with . 1st home was complimented by all family and friends and all items are still in great shape .Fell in love and grew fonder with the home .
A larger family had us shifting and this time round , Daniel worked his magic and came up with a more amazing home for us to fall in love with over again. No over fanciful designs ,he does not use inferior material. The end-product is worth the $$ and the wait.
Quality service,professional opinions and immaculate workmanship by his team of carpenters.
Will still entrust my “third” home with Daniel’s team in the future if there is . Cause the renovation journey is “worth it”. Daniel is a honest man who underpromises and over delivers.
My whole family is elated and can’t wait to spend the next few years in the HOME that Daniel and his team helped created . Thank You SennettProjects!!